World's first silent study platform from 0 to 40,000 users


Bindr is a virtual library where you can study together with people from all around the world.

Students can schedule a study session and other students can join or sign up for them. In the sessions, students are on mute, so they don’t disturb each other, but they get to know their study partners by texting encouraging messages in the group chat.

Bindr’s first business idea was a study buddy platform where students could mentor each other. After measuring and analyzing the user behavior, Bindr pivoted and changed their plans to develop a silent study platform.


Bindr engaged BringOnBoard to extend their development team and needed a trustworthy partner in the process. BringOnBoard provided quality developers with a great attitude at a fair price.

BringOnBoard helped with recruiting, onboarding and the establishment of a great work environment to grow and maintain the team in the long run.

Back then, Bindr needed to organize its development process. BringOnBoard created a SCRUM system to deliver features week-by-week in a predictable way.

Technologies used


React.js is used to build highly scalable application

Material-UI helps to create a beautiful UI and great user experience

Several other packages, like Apollo Client, styled-components, etc.


Bindr is using Node.js to build an API that can serve tens of thousends of requests every day

Apollo Server and GraphQL give strong flexibility combined with Express

MongoDB as a database helps the developers to iterate quickly and develop new features easier


BringOnBoard enabled Bindr to scale and grow from 0 to 40,000 users and receive a subsequent funding round led by industry-leading angel investors in Educational Technology.

Bindr is iterating quickly on their product to increase their user retention and user base. The development process and the passion of our developers enable them to do so.

BringOnBoard remains the partner of Bindr during their growth and mission to help everyone achieve their full potential.

“We would recommend hiring BringOnBoard to anyone looking for a productive team with a great attitude. We plan to continue to work with them for the long term.”

Bálint Jakabos

Bálint Jakabos

Co-Founder at Bindr

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