About us

Our mission

At BringOnBoard our passion is to help our clients to deliver complex enterprise software systems by integrating engineers into our clients’ teams seamlessly.

BringOnBoard’s success is built on the commitment to providing outstanding customer service as well as engineering talent. We offer amazing projects that engineers can work on, but we have a tough interview process in order to meet or even exceed our clients’ expectations in terms of engineer quality.

We believe that in exchange for our customers’ trust we owe them great engineers whose goal will be to make their products the best on the market.

Adam Bohak


“Hiring engineers in local markets is limited and expensive. We’re building a global market of engineers that makes it available for businesses to create competitive software products at fair prices.”

Our values


We are seeking to establish mutually beneficial long-term relationships. Therefore, the satisfaction of both our clients and employees are amongst our top priorities.


Clear and open communication is essential for successful (business) relationships. Our work with clients, colleagues and partners will be conducted with honesty at all times.


We offer multiple hiring methods to satisfy all of our clients’ needs: in-house hiring or contracting.

Positive attitude

“Let’s find a way” is our innate attitude when co-operating with clients and searching for engineers with even the most unique skillsets.

Mario Saly


“We’re building relationships, not just a business. You can always reach out to us during our co-operation. Adam and I will answer your questions personally.”

Our vetting process

The pre-screening made by our team is optional. If you prefer conducting it in-house, we can skip any steps or the entire vetting process and send you the candidates right away.

Reaching out to candidates

We review each applicants’ CV carefully, looking for the required qualifications, and preferred qualifications. Our interviewer prepares for the interview taking into consideration the unique experiences, skills and motivations of each engineer.

Tech challenge

A coding exercise is sent out to the qualified candidates to test their expertise in the relevant programming language(s).

The 2 in 1 interview

We conduct the tech and the HR interviews in one session to save time for our candidates and to speed up the hiring process.

Tech interview: conducted by our dedicated senior developers. They ask about the engineers’ code written in the tech challenge, and give some additional exercises to test their technical and problem-solving skills.

HR interview: We ask both universal and tailored questions to avoid confirmation bias but not lose the interest of the candidates.

The vetted shortlist

We review the candidates’ performances and rank them according to their technical skills, problem-solving ability, communication skills, English proficiency, and signs of motivation and enthusiasm.

We also take into account the specific role that needs to be filled when choosing the most suitable candidates to ensure that they would be a good fit for the company.

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